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  • Movavi Video Editor - Easy video editing software similar to Final Cut for Windows that lets you easily import video, edit video, enhance video and share video in Windows.
  • Supports multiple tracks and easily apple effects and fades.
  • Share your video anywhere: Save to PC, Burn to DVD & Upload to YouTube .
  • Import videos from computer, camcorders, DVD, VHS and TV-tuners for editing.

Operating Systems: Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000

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The Best Final Cut Pro for Windows Equivalent - Sony Vegas Pro

As two of the industry-leading video editing software for professional video enthusiasts and filmmakers, Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas Pro works exclusively on the specific operating system - Final Cut Pro on Mac, while Sony Vegas Pro on Windows. There is not many choices other than these two important candidates. There might be steep learning curve for both Final Cut and Sony Vegas, but once you've mastered one of them, it's easier to start editing your project with the other.

Keep in mind that Final Cut and Sony Vegas are two different video editing software. You might not find the same features in them, but you can always find ways to get the result you want. Many people are asking which one is better. I don't know. Only you know the answer. But if you asked me what's the best Final Cut Pro for Windows, it's definitely Sony Vegas Pro.

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The Easiest Final Cut for PC Video Editor - Movavi Video Editor

Here is another substitute for Final Cut for Windows. If you're not getting an industry standard product, but simply want to edit video in Windows with a better video editing software than Windows Live Movie Maker, Movavi Video Editor is want you're searching for.

Movavi Video Editor is powerful yet easy-to-use video editing software. Like Final Cut, it comes with an intuitive interface, but lets you do many advanced video editing tasks as you like. Multi-track timeline,

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Import Everything You Need for Editing

No matter what videos you want to edit, you can easily import to this Final Cut Pro for PC program effortlessly, and then edit them at your pleasure.

  • Multiple tracks feature makes it easy to organize and edit your video.
  • Split, crop, join, rotate and enhance your video in clicks.
  • Show/hide your tracks to preview video.
  • Drag and drop item on Timeline.
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Enhance Video with Effects, Fades and Tons of Tools

Weave your photos, videos and music into a stunning slideshow that surprises everyone.

  • Includes professional effects like Denoise, Brightness/Contrast, Chrome Key, Color Balance, and more.
  • Quickly create slideshows with specified transitions and durations.
  • Includes an array of title templates to tell interesting stories.
  • Add background music, multiple title tracks and add animated titles.
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Export Video to PC, DVD, Online and Virtually Anywhere

No barrior to share your video. You'll see all possible sharing options in this Final Cut for Windows software.

  • Save video to your PC in formats you can play video on PC/Mac, mobile device & anywhere.
  • Premiere your video to the world on YouTube and Facebook right from the program.
  • Burn video to DVD disc for watching on TV or deliver to your friend and family far away..
  • Encode video with H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG, WMV, or FLV for high quality but small size.
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